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Police: Waitress Caught Skimming Credit Cards On Her First Day

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (CBS Local) - An Oklahoma waitress did not make a good first impression after being arrested for allegedly skimming credit cards on her first day at work.

Police in Oklahoma City say Rachael Tyler was caught on surveillance cameras taking several customer credit cards and swiping them without permission. The brand new waitress was reported by a manager at Twin Peaks restaurant, who caught the suspicious behavior.

"She noticed one of the waitresses, she was actually a new waitress. Her first day on the job and had been taking credit cards, and appeared to be swiping them on something maybe in the pocket of her pants," Officer Megan Morgan told KWTV.

The manager claims that the 34-year-old was caught skimming at least four cards, but police were not able to determine the exact amount of information Tyler stole. OKC police added that they learned Tyler was also wanted in connection with white collar crimes in Tulsa.

"Clearly, she uses people's credit cards constantly to ring in payments," Morgan explained. "It's a good thing the manager caught this before she could do more damage."

Officers said that it's always a good idea to check your credit card statements after visiting a restaurant or bar for unauthorized charges.

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