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Wabasha County Deputies Confiscate 5 Pounds Of Meth From Man's Impounded Car

WABASHA COUNTY, Minn. (WCCO) - Deputies in Wabasha County have confiscated roughly 5 pounds of meth and charged a 46-year-old man with two counts of controlled substance crime.

According to the Wabasha County Attorney's Office, Michael Mattison arrived at the county's criminal justice center on Tuesday to look for his car, which had been impounded.

Mattison, who had left the car on the road a few days before, didn't know that the car had been in county custody. Law enforcement officers had also executed a search warrant and gone through the car.

Michael Mattison
Michael Mattison, along with the bags of meth found in his car (Credit: Wabasha County)

Deputies found 4.96 pounds of methamphetamine and roughly $1,800 in cash, the attorney's office says.

"That is a significant amount to be found in Wabasha County," Wabasha County Captain Curt Struwe said.

Mattison was arrested after he got his car back. The attorney's office said that in a post-Miranda statement, Mattison admitted the methamphetamine was his and that he was selling it.

Federico Hernandez-Mozqueda
Federico Hernandez-Mozqueda (Credit: Wabasha County)

The arrest and charge comes less than two months after deputies confiscated 1.53 pounds of meth from 39-year-old Federico Hernandez-Mozqueda, who was charged with three counts of controlled substance crime. The meth had been intercepted by Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport police and was addressed to his home in Plainview, where deputies found it, along with several thousand dollars in cash, the attorney's office says.

Struwe said the cases "show that methamphetamine is still rampant here in Wabasha."

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