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'We Just Keep Adding Crap On': Video Of West St. Paul Traffic Stop Goes Viral

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Dashcam video of a Twin Cities traffic stop has gone viral as it shows a teenage driver racking up infraction after infraction to the seeming astonishment of the officers.

The West St. Paul Police Department posted video of the stop Friday morning and since then it's amassed 3.3 million views on Facebook, not to mention 7,000 comments.


The video begins by showing the 19-year-old driver blow through a four-way stop. It happens right in front of the squad car, and the officer promptly pulls her over.

Almost immediately, the driver admits she was speeding and in the middle of a sub sandwich (distracted driving). On top of this, her SUV also has a busted tail light.

But it doesn't stop there.

She doesn't have her driver's license or proof of insurance.

"You're batting 1000 today," the officer says, and not for the last time.

Police then inform the driver there's a theft warrant out for her arrest.

When pressed on if there's any marijuana in the car, the driver admits as much and shows the officer where it is.

"My gosh, we just keep adding crap on," the officer says, shortly before asking the driver to step out of her car.

A search produces open bottles of alcohol, and since she's under 21, they're in possession of a minor.

Additionally, the officers find drug paraphernalia.

"It seems like you're just kinda flying through life on the seat of your pants and not making real good choices," the officer says. "It might be a good time in your life to evaluate what you're doing."

The driver is put in handcuffs and arrested. Her name was not released.

According to the video, she racked up 11 infractions in that one stop.

As such, police titled the video: "If you're going to get pulled over, you might as well make it count."

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