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Vikings Fans Split On Frazier's Firing

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For Vikings fans, head coach Leslie Frazier's firing was not a big surprise. Most seemed to agree on at least one thing – change was inevitable.

"I think he took the fall for really a bad offense, but at the same time, the defense, when you're the worst defense in the league and you're a defense-minded head coach, you can't be shocked at the result," one fan said.

At Mall of America's Vikings Locker Room store, many fans said they wished Leslie Frazier could've been successful.

"The team actually came around the second half of the year. They never quit, they played hard," another fan said.

"I feel bad for him because he's a good guy, I think, but maybe not so much as a coach," said another fan.

What many fans found appealing about Frazier -- his friendly, stoic demeanor -- turned other fans off.

"He seemed dull and didn't show too much emotion," a fan said.

"Frazier kind of had the same look on his face every second of every game, kind of boring and I'd like to see someone a little fired up, get the players going," another fan said.

The bottom line today for those who follow the team was Frazier's record.

"In the NFL, you don't get a chance to lose 10, 13 games one year and two years later turn around and lose ten more," a fan said.

Some fans blamed Vikings management, believing they dealt Frazier a bad hand with the quarterback situation. They said the coach is simply the "fall guy."


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