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Vikings Fans Celebrating Stunning Walk-Off Playoff Victory

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - For once, Minnesota Vikings fans were hoping to catch a break.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs did them one better Sunday night when he caught them a game-winning touchdown as the game clock ticked to zero, setting off an earthquake of excitement that rocked Randle's Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

"What the hell just happened," shouted one fan with pure bliss in his eyes.

High fives and chants of "Skol" created an immense energy inside the restaurant. Wanda Braun was there celebrating her 80th birthday with her family and relatives,

"I wanted them to win and you gotta believe, we did it," she said before letting out a raucous scream.

The curse of tough Vikings losses was always looming, especially as the Saints mounted a comeback. There were moments when it felt like you could hear whispers from 50 feet across the room, such as when the New Orleans Saints took the lead on a late field goal.

"After all these years it seems like we always kind of ended up on the short end of the stick and I think it was our time to finally come out on the top," said fan Bill Braun.

But he and several others swear they never lost hope.

"I would start to calm down and when I would calm down, (the Vikings) would get a good play," said fan Robert Stack.

The next stop for the purple and gold train is Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. With another win, the Vikings can bring it home for the Super Bowl.

"We're thinking about three weeks from now! I know we shouldn't. It's hard not to," said Bill Braun.

"It's destiny," added Stack.

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