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Vikings Fan Unwittingly Meets Her #1 Favorite Player

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- They say you should never meet your heroes. But if you don't recognize them, then meeting one could be a sweet surprise.

Tommy Kramer, who was quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings from 1977 through 1989, and took over as the starting QB after Fran Tarkenton retired. He was given the nickname "Two-Minute Tommy" for all the come-from-behind victories on his watch.

He was a gutsy quarterback for the Vikings, and somewhat infamous for his off-the-field behavior. He was an electric figure in Minnesota, considered a player's player who learned from a coach.

On Twitter last night, the retired player shared a picture of himself with a fan, and a story.

Kramer said he was at a hotel pool and noticed a woman who had a Vikings logo tattooed to her arm. He asked her who her favorite player was and she responded, "Tommy Kramer."

"She was a bit surprised when I told her," he wrote, indicating that she had no idea she was showing off her Purple Pride to her very favorite Vikings player.

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