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VIDEO: SUV Appears To Be Driving On Water On Upper Red Lake

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota is the place to be right now for wacky weather phenomena, with a snowstorm approaching not three days after much of the state was in the 60s.

People are taking advantage of the weird weather, and a group in northern Minnesota got video of an SUV gliding along the water on Upper Red Lake.

The video, taken by Ryan Mullen, shows the vehicle appearing to drive through waves on the lake.

(NOTE: Video contains strong language.)

Janet Gohman, who was also present when the video was taken, said there were at least 30 inches of ice on the lake, but hard rain had melted snow on the surface, causing the effect seen in the video.

The group was headed to their ice house Monday when the video was taken, Gohman said, and almost all of the water was gone by Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, the Red Lake Police Department urged caution when traveling on the lake due to rapidly deteriorating ice. Police said small motorized vehicles, such as ATVs or snowmobiles, or traveling on foot are the best ways to traverse the lake.

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