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Valentine's Day Rush: Flower Shops Busy Making Arrangements

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For Valentine's Day, many people say "I love you" by sending out flowers and Feb. 12 is the usually the busiest day of the year for many flower shops.

Thirty designers at Bachman's in south Minneapolis will create more than 8,000 arrangements for the holiday. Many are made with a specific person in mind.

"One thing I find really interesting being a floral designer, when you're talking directly with a customer is hearing their story," Diane Ange said. "What these flowers mean to them, why they want a specific color or specific type of flower. The stories can go way back. Flowers are emotional and mean a lot to people. That's the fun part to bring it all together."

Roses, tulips and orchids of every size and color are ready to go. Bachman's designers will use about 100,000 tulips and 250,000 stems of roses in their Valentine's Day creations. A majority of those roses will, of course, be red.

"Valentine's Day is really the biggest cut flower day for florists across the state," Dale Bachman, owner, said. "It's a great reason to say 'thank you', and 'I appreciate you' and, in some cases, 'I love you.'"

Once the bouquets are assembled, the flowers are wrapped in Bachman's signature lavender packaging. Then, within hours of being created, they're sent on their way to be enjoyed.

"There's a whole lot of love that travels on Valentine's Day," Bachman said.

Along with flowers, many people choose to send plants or bulbs. Bachman said those options last longer so people can enjoy them for weeks or months to come.

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