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Used Turbo Tax To File? You May Have To Do It Again

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Just when you thought you were done with those tax returns, you may have to start over. The company that makes tax software like turbo tax says it messed up.

The problem was reported last Friday.

Experts say the total number of people who have filed income taxes so far this season in Minnesota is 1,058,843. Roughly 14,000 taxpayers will be affected by Intuit's issues.

Today, we're finding out who has some work to do and who will be able to have someone else clean up their tax forms for them.

There could be problems for anyone who used an Intuit product like Turbo Tax. But the state says it'll be able to fix the problems, if you e-filed.

If you or your preparer mailed your tax forms in, you've got some work to do.

The Department of Revenue in St. Paul is working to try and clean up the mess.

They told us they have had some tense conversations while trying to get things fixed with Turbo Tax and other Intuit products.

The major issue -- some people may have had their property tax calculated incorrectly, which would change how much money they got back.

Another big problem, some people opted for direct deposit and their returns instead will be sent out by mail, which takes longer.

They say they have never seen a problem like this but there may be a lesson learned.

"If anything, hopefully, people will continue to file electronically because if there are issues, they are easier to identify who's impacted and they're easier to correct," said Terri Steenblock, of the Department of Revenue.

If you used any of the affected software, find out if your taxes were filed electronically or via mail.

If you e-filed, you should be OK.

If you filed by mail, you will need to resubmit your taxes all over again.

You may be thinking what I was thinking, what about the cost to resubmit those taxes?

Intuit, in California, said they will pick up the tab.

And to other tax payers out there who did not use this software, the Department of Revenue says the work going to fix this problem won't slow down other returns.

Minnesota was the only state where the Intuit glitch occurred.

For a complete list of the Intuit issues, click here.

To contact a representative with Intuit (Turbo Tax), call 1-866-888-4609.

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