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USA Today: St. Paul Is North America's 'Best Romantic Getaway'

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- Move over, San Francisco. Step aside, Honolulu. Nice try, New Orleans.

The most romantic getaway in North America is none other than Pig's Eye.

Minnesota's capital was just named the winner of USA Today's "Best Romantic North American Getaway" poll, beating out just the aforementioned heavy hitters, but also places like Santa Fe, New Mexico and Naples, Florida.

The poll called St. Paul "the smaller, quieter and the more sophisticated of the Twin Cities," and said couples "love it for its diverse romantic offerings, like leisurely paddle-wheeler rides along the Mississippi, beer tastings, ice skating and a thriving performance arts scene."

When it first became clear that St. Paul could possibly win the title, Lisa Huber, marketing manager for Visit St. Paul, said "some people are showing a bit of surprise over this. But St. Paul is so romantic, with the history in the city and the architecture. ... There is really so much that adds to the romance in St. Paul."

Huber pointed out some of the city's attractions, which include the St. Paul Hotel, W. A. Frost on Selby Avenue, Covington Inn -- a floating bed and breakfast houseboat on the Mississippi River, with four guest suites, all with fireplaces -- and numerous world-class restaurants.

You can see the entire top 10 list by clicking here.

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