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Lawmaker Demands To Know Why Stadium Security Company Was Hired In The First Place

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota House will open hearings next week on security concerns at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Stadium officials last week fired the company in charge of security, Monterrey Security, after an investigation revealed contract violations, and possible security breaches.

Now, a powerful state lawmaker wants to know why the company was hired in the first place.

"To me, it just reeks of something's not right," said GOP State Rep. Sarah Anderson, the chair of the Minnesota House State Government Finance Committee.

Anderson told WCCO-TV that Monterrey's problems in other cities could have been spotted with a simple Google search, and she says the sports authority board "failed to do its homework."

"Why would they want to bring that baggage here to Minnesota when they've seen what has happened in Chicago?" she asked.

The State Government Finance Committee is making public a number of email documents that appear to show behind-the-scenes scrambling at the stadium as controversies unfolded.

After anti-oil pipeline protesters hung from the rafters during a Minnesota Vikings game, Anderson says stadium officials and board members got "talking points" defending Monterrey.

"Imagine if that had been terrorists instead!" Anderson said. "You look at what has happened in the world and the nation and what happens in Europe? The same thing could happen here at the stadium."

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said last week that stadium security was never jeopardized.

But Anderson is calling for the resignations of board members who OK'd the hire.

"I think the governor should re-appoint at the very least and get people in there who are actually going to raise questions," she said.

WCCO-TV reached out to U.S. Bank Stadium officials, who declined comment.

The sports authority has two new leaders -- former Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz and business leader Mike Vekich -- who took over stadium operations several months ago.

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