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University Of Minnesota Veterinarian Center Spays 300-Pound Tiger

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – It was a historic day at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center as doctors performed surgery on a 300-pound tiger.

Pandora, a 13-year-old Bengal tiger, was rescued and transported across the country by the Wildcat Sanctuary. She came, along with three other tigers, that were taken in from a roadside zoo where people paid to play with tiger cups and have pictures taken with them.

Several tigers from the zoo, including Pandora, had to have emergency surgery for reproductive issues after being rescued.

She had to be sedated for three to four hours while doctors spayed her, meaning they removed her ovaries. She'll also be closely monitored for several days. If she wasn't spayed, she'd be likely to get a life-threatening infection.

Pandora is expected to lead a long, healthy life at the Wildcat Sanctuary.

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