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Republicans Propose Bill To Require Ultrasounds Before Abortions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Top state Republican lawmakers are proposing a bill to require ultrasound images be made available to women seeking abortions.

The announcement came Monday at an anti-abortion rally at the State Capitol.

Rally-goer Carla Stream said she might not have had an abortion 27 years ago if she had seen an ultrasound.

"I never got to hear that little heartbeat," she said. "I would have rejected abortion had I been allowed to see my child."

Supporters say the purpose of requiring an ultrasound is to equip women with as much information as possible before getting the procedure.

A routine ultrasound is not considered medically necessary before a first trimester abortion.

But a Kaiser survey found some states require it or require the images be made available to women.

In some states, the provider must not only display the image to the woman, but describe it to her as well.

Monday's rally showcased the state's new Republican lieutenant governor, Michelle Fischbach, whose anti-abortion views contrast sharply with Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton.

"I share your passion to protect every unborn child and protect life at every stage," Fischbach said.

The Minnesota Legislature convenes its 2018 session on Feb. 20.

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