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Uber Will Deliver Puppies On Valentine's Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A popular ride sharing service is taking a different approach to the typical Valentine's Day delivery.

Uber is kicking off its UberPuppy delivery service with the help of the animal rescue organization Secondhand Hounds.

From 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Valentine's Day, the ride sharing service will drop off puppies for a 15 minute playdate around the Twin Cities.

"I mean, can you get a better Valentine's Day gift? I feel like it is a slam dunk of Valentine's Day presents if you have a honey that loves puppies and dogs," said Rachel Mairose, executive director of Secondhand Hounds.

Uber Puppies 2
(credit: CBS)

All the pups come from the rescue group Secondhand Hounds. Mairose wouldn't say how many will be available, but did promise many different breeds.

"There's every type of breed, there's little tiny puppies, there's super young puppies, there's going to be older puppies," Mairose said.

Anyone interested in puppy playtime can request the dogs on their Uber app, just as you would request a ride. From 11-2, a puppy icon will pop up on the app. Type in your location, and the closest car will bring the dogs to you.

"It's a couple of dogs, up to a few puppies, and they'll all be delivered and run around your house," Mairose said.

The delivery is not a lifelong obligation; playtime is only temporary.

"I think people want to play with puppies. They want to support an organization where we do try to match up the puppies and save lives," said Claire Hutcheson of Secondhand Hounds.

Uber Puppies 3
(credit: CBS)

For those who want to turn puppy love into a deeper commitment, nearly every dog involved in UberPuppy will be up for adoption.

"What better day than Valentine's Day to deliver some puppies and, hopefully, find some matches in people that want to adopt," Mairose said.

There will be a handler to help out with the puppies during each visit. The service requires a $30 donation, which goes directly to Secondhand Hounds.

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