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Two years on and Minnesotans are still standing with those in Ukraine

Two years since the start of the Ukraine war there are still signs of support
Two years since the start of the Ukraine war there are still signs of support 02:56

MINNEAPOLIS — Saturday marks two years since Russia launched a full-scale invasion in Ukraine.

Thousands of miles away in Minneapolis, hundreds of people gathered at the Ukrainian American Community Center to show support.

For Maria Doan, the past two years have been difficult.

"I was shocked honestly, I felt paralyzed," Doan said.

Doan quickly jumped into action volunteering with Stand with Ukraine MN and organizing medical equipment shipments to Ukraine.

Thousands of Ukrainians found safety in Minnesota all while praying for better days back home.

Iryna Droboyvch came to Minnesota as an international fellow at the University of Minnesota School of Public Affairs. She's been here learning about policies and ways she can advocate for women back home.

"I would like to be back to make the life in my country better," Drobovych said.

However, she says she knows the dangers people are facing in Ukraine.

"I'm concerned for the safety of my son," she said. "You have to know where the nearest bomb shelter is when the sirens go off."

Drobovych is also concerned for her husband, who's on the front line, fighting for freedom.

"I am proud of him," she said. "We Ukrainians are still standing; we will stand until we win the war."

That unwavering courage and support in the hearts of many is why Doan wanted everyone to come together.

"You get a feeling that you're surrounded by your people, by your family," Doan stated. "Events like this one, they are truly good for the soul; they keep you going."

While Doan says the fight is far from over, she hopes people walked away Saturday with a renewed fight for the future.

"I hope for a Ukrainian victory and for sustainable peace," Doan said.

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