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"Hobbit home" up for sale in River Falls, Wisconsin

Tour the "Hobbit house" up for sale in River Falls, Wisconsin
Tour the "Hobbit house" up for sale in River Falls, Wisconsin 02:08

RIVER FALLS, Wis. -- Western Wisconsin isn't exactly the Shire, but a house is up for sale in River Falls that from the outside has the feel of a hobbit's home.

The two-bedroom home built in 1972 was designed by architect Mike McGuire and is selling for $315,000.

It's a "bermed-earth-sheltered home," meaning the portions of the house that is above ground is covered with earth to protect and insulate the home. These types of homes often blend into the landscape and this one's no different: it's nestled into a hill and surrounded by 3.5 acres of nature.

Realtor Sara Cappechi says people have come from all over the country to tour the unique home.

"Somebody came in from Madison, which is four and a half hours away. Somebody from Milwaukee. We had somebody from Oklahoma," Cappechi said.


Cappechi told WCCO that some prospective buyers want to turn the house into an Airbnb.

It features skylights in the roof and has three wood burning fireplaces (perfect to sit around while eating breakfast and second breakfast).

The inside is a little more modern-looking with stark-white walls and a domed ceiling.


"The thoughtfully designed layout with a modern feel gives you the perfect opportunity to create your own space to enjoy or thrill and potential opportunity to host as a short-term rental," the listing on Zillow says.

The listing has been viewed more than 65,000 times since being posted a few weeks ago.

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