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Twin Cities' Traffic Congestion Ranks Among Worst in U.S.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If you're sitting in traffic right now checking the news, this story will likely not come as a major surprise.

Minneapolis-St. Paul has been ranked among the worst areas in the nation in terms of traffic congestion.

According to a survey of information collected by GPS navigation company TomTom, drivers in the Twin Cities spend an average of 63 hours per year stuck in traffic.

The overall congestion level of 17 percent -- taking into account rush hour traffic flow, as well as delays per 30 minutes driven during peak periods -- puts the metro area 35th among all U.S. hot spots.

Furthermore, it places Minneapolis among the 200 most congested areas in the world, ranking in at slot 127, well below the likes of Moscow and Taipei, but above Abu Dhabi.

The most congested city in the United States was Los Angeles, with a congestion rate of 39 percent. The most congested city in the world, according to TomTom, was Istanbul, at 58 percent.

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