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Twin Cities Man Spends Days Delivering Sandwiches To Homeless

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- One Twin Cities man spends 365 nights a year on the streets.

He delivers sandwiches, coats and bus tokens every day. You may have heard of Allan Law - also known as the "Sandwich Man."

More than two million people have watched a viral video following him around one winter night. The retired teacher says he believes God put him on the earth to help the homeless.

As Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield shows us, now - someone else is trying to help him.

"My neighbors see me rolling the grocery cart up and down, moving 700 sandwiches at a time, going out about 8 o'clock," Law said.

This is ground zero for Allan Law's mission. His apartment has 20 freezers. It's ground zero for his charity, "Love One Another."

He also uses four storage units. Each packed to the brim with snacks, blankets and gifts for the kids.

"I've got in here about 40 stuffed animals like this," Law said.

"He's just such a hero that would be I guess how I would explain him," Teri Bennett of Excelsior said.

Bennett heard about the sandwiches a few years back, and started volunteering. She realized Allan is in need, too.

"He said, 'I need a warehouse.'  I said 'Ok, I don't have one of those," Bennett said.

But she does have a computer, and a son who helped her start a GoFundMe.

"I let the budget at $15,000, which clearly that wouldn't cover everything. I hope it's a hundred times that," Law said.

"What would it be like to have your own warehouse?  It would be beautiful as far as convenience and a place I could meet with a group of people," Law said.

Allan's charity is turning 50. He's never asked anyone to write a check, but sometimes when you pay it forward, it comes back.

"Let's just blow the socks off it. I just think it should be the hugest anniversary present ever," Bennett said.

If the GoFundMe raises enough money, Allan also dreams of getting a larger van one day so he can help many more people.

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