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Twin Cities Rabbi Shares The Story Of Passover

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Passover begins at sunset Friday night. Sim Glaser is the rabbi at Temple Israel in Minneapolis.

He explained the meaning of Passover and its significance.

"Passover is an ancient holiday that comes from the Torah," Glaser said.

First it celebrates the spring harvest, and it marks the exodus from Egypt.

"We were strangers in the land of Egypt and we were enslaved to the Pharaoh of that time," he said.

He said the Jews cried out to God, and God heard the cry and brought them out of Egypt.  Plagues, seas that split and then made their way to Mount Sinai where Moses gave them the 10 commandments.

"Through extraordinary miracles," he said. "In many ways this is the beginning of the Jewish people."

Passover refers to a time when the Israelites put the blood of a lamb on the door post of their houses so that the the Angel of Death would pass over that home, allowing the Jewish children not to be killed.

Glaser said Passover still has relevance today.

"It says in the Seder to let all who are hungry come and eat.  So that message is still relevant. There are still hungry people," he said.

He said there is also the message of hope in Passover.

Twin Cities Rabbi Shares The Story Of Passover

"At the end of every Passover Seder, the statement is made, next year in Jerusalem. Everyone is free," he said.

He believes it will usher an era in that is one where people will treat each other properly, and not spoil earth.

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