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Twin Cities Program Makes It Affordable To Fix Your Pet

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Pet over-population is an ongoing problem in the Twin Cities metro, leaving hundreds of dogs and cats without a loving home.

Animal experts said the best way to control over population is to spay and neuter our pets. But not everyone has access to affordable vet care, so a Twin Cities program is helping to fix that problem.

The Minnesota Snap RV Surgical Center is a mobile unit that does about 10,000 pet surgeries per year. The RV was made into a custom surgery suite that travels all across the Twin Cities metro and across the state, providing affordable and accessible options to spay or neuter your pet.

The mobile unit is designed for families with pets in need who otherwise couldn't afford to have their pet fixed. Experts said animal over-population has been a tragedy that's been occurring for decades, but has gotten national attention in the last five or six years.


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