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Twin Cities Hits 50 For 1st Time This Year, And Residents Soak It In

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Our warmer weather had people getting outside Tuesday. While it's not quite the same thrill as getting presents during the holidays, many would say it's right up there.

"I already fired up the grill," one resident told WCCO.

In Plymouth, Brodie Brau also fired up his bike for a ride to work.

"I'm going to be biking as much as I can. The skis are put away for the season," he said.

Elsewhere on Medicine Lake, there may have been some people still ice fishing, but deck chairs and a grill are at the ready, as some were sporting shorts.

Across town at Lake Phalen, a retired postal worker was more than happy.

"Life is a good on a day like today. You can't go wrong. We deserve this," Mel Peterson said.

For some, this soft easing into a Minnesota spring soothes what hurts. Kate Kent, a Ukrainian who married an American and has lived here 17 years, was reflective.

"I use this time to run, because this is the only time that keeps me sane, otherwise it's overwhelming. We are so far away," Kent said.

That should serve as a reminder that we are very lucky to be able to enjoy all of our wonderful Minnesota weather, warm or cold.


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