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Twin Cities Fails To Make List Of Snobbiest U.S. Cities

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota nice? You betcha?

Minneapolis-St. Paul may be a lot of things, but the Twin Cities are definitely not snobby, according to a new list of rankings from Travel + Leisure.

The list was determined somewhat subjectively. T+L explained that their findings were based on responses to their survey of America's favorite places.

With some places, it was a perception of intellectual snobbery, whereas with other cities, survey respondents focused on pretentiousness. T+L said that the survey focused on categories as diverse as wine bars, museums and cleanliness. They ranked out 38 major metropolitan areas.

The snobbiest city in the country was also the largest -- New York City. Next in line were Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, and Boston.

If you're curious, Minneapolis-St. Paul didn't even rank among the top 20 most snobby cities.

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