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Twin Cities Entrepreneur Crowdsourcing Porch Pirate-Proof Lock Boxes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Take a trip down almost any neighborhood street and it won't take long to spot a package or two defenselessly sitting out in plain view.

"We see on our neighborhood block all the time, packages stolen," said Mike Brennan. "So it wasn't a surprise to us that it happened to us, too."

So to prevent his next package from suddenly disappearing at the hands of a thief, Brennan built a box and posted a sign asking for packages to be put inside of it.

"A few pieces of plywood and a saw, that's about it," he said.

Package of Mind
(credit: CBS)

The box includes a pad lock, for which Brennan has the key. It's also tethered down with a steel cable in case somebody wanted to run off with the entire box.

Thanks to positive feedback from delivery drivers and never having another package stolen, he contacted WDI, and wood working company in Forest Lake. Together they designed a few prototypes, which Brennan named "Package of Mind Security Boxes." Although made of wood, the boxes are weather proof. Brennan says they should also be able to withstand the elements of Minnesota.

The boxes come in several sizes, one of which can adapt to holding two small packages or a large one. The locks and steel cable are included.

"With the growing number of packages being delivered and how it's become such a more normal part of our lives, I think people are just looking for more security," he said.

Package of Mind
(credit: CBS)

Brennan's next step is raising enough money to go from inventor to entrepreneur. He's currently crowdsourcing the venture through Kickstarter.

"We're hoping to get to $24,000, which would give us enough capital to kind of get into a business," he said.

The boxes start at $185. Customers aren't charged for the box or given their purchase until the entire $24,000 is raised.

"We're excited for the future. We think it's going to really serve a need and deter thieves," he said.

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