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Twin Cities Couple Trying To Find Good Samaritan After She Helped Pregnant Woman In Scary Situation

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) - A walk down the sidewalk seems simple but not when a rambunctious pup yanks you at full strength.

Owner Haley Vignassi found out Monday right outside her apartment. Her 2-year-old golden retriever saw another dog and couldn't resist meeting it.

"(He) spun me around and (I) slipped and fell," she said.

She described her fall as a hard impact directly on the sidewalk, leaving her with concussion symptoms that linger several days later.

Luckily, she was next to a busy road and in view of a driver who pulled over to help.

"My hands were completely numb, I went to give her my phone so she could call the EMS and my husband," she said.

Josef Vignassi was at work when he got the call. He was at first confused that someone else's voice was on the other line of his wife's number.

"Somebody is saying that my wife fell on the ground and hit her head and she's called the ambulance to come pick her up. I start freaking out," he said.

His worries weren't just with his wife, but their unborn child. Haley is six months pregnant with the baby due in May.

"As soon as I get on the highway, it's stop-and-go traffic. By the time I got here, the nice lady that helped out was gone and the EMTs were helping (Haley)."

All that was left were the stranger's gloves, given to Haley to keep her hands warm.

"I just imagine if I would have been completely alone though, I don't know how I would reacted," she said.

The couple is determined to find the drive-by Good Samaritan. So they wrote a post on Reddit titled, "To the person who helped my pregnant wife." It details the story and has been been up-voted on the page nearly 2,000 times. They're hoping she or somebody she knows will see it.

"Really just very grateful for this woman's stopping her car, helping some lady she doesn't know. Just I want to say thank you," Josef said.

Whether that's through a meeting in-person or just an email exchange, the couple wants to show some gratitude. They joked they would buy her dinner or a gift card.

At a minimum, they'd like to return her gloves. "Maybe (buy her) a new pair," Josef said.

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