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Twin Cities Businesses Come Together To Rebuild Group Home After Devastating Fire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- More than a year after a devastating group home fire, some Twin Cities businesses are stepping up to build a better home.

Last year a fire broke out on the 2700 block of Ensign Avenue in New Hope. Three people with special needs were left homeless.

"We heard a loud sound in the garage and when I went there, there was a fire," said Adventor Trye.

Once a week, Trye would show up at a group home to help a special needs resident named Ken. During a June morning last year, a fire spread from the garage to the house. Adventor heroically got Ken outside safely, as flames and smoke took over.

"My car was over here. Fire already got to it," Trye said.

But afterwards, all Trye could think about was that the men living there had just lost everything.

"We need to cater to the special needs people in the community," Trye said.

David Bieker of Denali Custom Homes agrees. He has a son with special needs.

"Since it is near and dear to my heart and I understand the challenges with people as they age with special needs, we jumped right in," Bieker said.

Bieker is now giving his time and services to help rebuild. And so are several other sub contractors.

"Many of them have stepped up also and are donating 100% of materials to the creation of the house," Bieker said.

The new home will have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. An interior designer is also donating her time to help. The hope is to have it all done in six months.

Four new residents would then move in. For Bill Schultz of Opportunity Partners, the organization that helps people with special needs find homes, the generosity couldn't have come at a better time.

"The heart and soul of our mission is the people who care so much about our mission and supporting people," Schultz said.

Denali will break ground on the new home Tuesday morning.

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