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TTYM: Watch A Bulldogs' Coach Curl, Alex Cobb Propose And Athletes Wipe Out

by @TaraLipinsky

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In This Week's That Thing You Missed find out what mammal one MLB right-hander enlisted to help him pop the question, watch Sochi athletes getting warmed up and wiped out.  Plus, guess which Winter Olympic sport Georgia Bulldogs' football coach is playing in his backyard. 

Curling Bowl?

Curling - Georgia Bulldog Style by Clark Williams on YouTube

Georgia Bulldogs Football coach Mark Richt also apparently enjoys playing sports that don’t involve pigskin.

Not so unusual, right?

But thanks to Mother Nature casting it’s spell over the Deep South this season, Richt was able to channel his inner Sochi 2014 with a little game of Curling and the video to display his prowess.

That’s a bit more impressive.

I just wish someone would teach him how to use the video on his camera phone.

Story via CBS Atlanta


The Winter Olympics certainly has one thing over the Summer Olympics – epic wipeouts. 

I’m guessing this is the agony of defeat part.

 It’s not nearly as embarrassing as the Curler who ate it, though. Watch that debacle here.

Story via CBS Detroit

Sochi Fierce

This year the Winter Olympics also has this: American Luger Kate Hansen whose warm-up to Beyonce tunes has taken social media by storm.

One announcer was not amused by her unique routine saying he wanted something more “sports specific” from her.

Your love’s gotcha lookin’ so crazy right now, Kate.

Find out what’s on some Olympians' iPods including Kate’s right here.

A Dolphin's Tale 

Tampa Bay Rays Alex Cobb Proposal Discovery Cove by Sports Talk Florida on YouTube

Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Alex Cobb amped up the “aw-factor” during his proposal to his girlfriend Kelly Reynolds by using a Dolphin to do the honors at Disney’s Discovery Cove in Florida.

It was definitely cute and all but watch the video and tell me – who was more excited the dolphin to get fed that huge bucket of fish or Reynolds to get her paws on that rock?

Story via

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