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Trent Lockett: Of Love & Basketball

HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) - Trent Lockett is quite a basketball player. But he's also quite a son.

And his mother Judy is quite a mom. Trent is leaving a robust college basketball career and moving back to play for a team to closer to home for all the right reasons.

When Trent was three, his family found out that their father, Ted, had leukemia. He died within a year, leaving his mother Judy a single parent.

"How she made it through that, I don't know," said Trent.

Trent would grow into quite a basketball player, a part of arguably the greatest high school team in the state at Hopkins.

"Looking back at it, you kinda don't realize what you're apart of when you're in it," he said.

Next stop was Arizona State, where Trent thrived as one of the best players on the team.

But this past season, he got a call from his mother that would change their lives.

Judy was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma.

"She called me and she let me know. It definitely changed my perspective on a couple different things, and it's unfortunate, but I know we're gonna make it through it. She's a strong woman," he said.

The game plan for Trent and his mother was now to make every day count. It started with Trent graduating in just three years from college - a rare feat for anyone, particularly a student athlete.

He then decided to transfer to Marquette to be closer to home, and to his mom.

"I can drive to Milwaukee, and I've discovered this Megabus I can go for, you know, I can just ride in peace, and it costs me $35 round trip," said Judy Lockett.
This next year is sure to be filled with priceless mother and son moments.

"It puts things into perspective. I'm not gonna live for as long as I thought I was going to, most likely, so let's take advantage of all the time there is, every moment there is," she said.

As they ponder the future, Judy can't help but think what Trent's father would have thought – to see what has son has become.

"He would be so proud, he would be so proud. I keep in touch with his friends, they're like 'I know he's up there talking smack about his son, Trent,'" Judy said.

And if he could speak to his father, what would Trent say about his mother?

"He picked a good lady, that's for sure. He picked the right one," said Trent.

Trent's sister, Courtney, is a senior at Hopkins High School. She's accepted a volleyball scholarship at Duquesne University next fall.

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