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Traveling By Car Is Getting Even Cheaper

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Many families will be traveling this weekend with Education Minnesota Days, or what used to be called MEA weekend.

School shuts down in most places on Thursday and Friday this week and a lot of families have planned vacations around it.

Great timing, too, since traveling by car is getting cheaper.

We've seen gas prices below $3 a gallon for a little more than a week in the Twin Cities but there are even some stations around $2.85.

The statewide average finally fell to $2.99 a gallon. That's a full 30 cents cheaper than this time a month ago.

The national average today is $3.19. The most expensive gas in the lower 48 states is in San Francisco, where it runs about $3.66 a gallon.

The cheapest is in Tulsa at $2.93.

And industry analysts think prices could fall another 10 cents or more a gallon in the coming weeks.

We can thank falling crude oil and ethanol prices for the drop at the pump.

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