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Tips for keeping warm outside during the cold snap

Tips for keeping warm outside during the cold snap
Tips for keeping warm outside during the cold snap 03:35

MINNEAPOLIS - With sub-zero temperatures in the forecast for much of this week, it's important to dress warmly if you absolutely have to head outside, but it goes beyond just having a jacket and hat.

The key to keeping warm is dressing in layers with fabrics that are loose but can still maintain warmth while circulating airflow. 

Experts recommend in general to dress in three layers:

Base layer - This is the layer closest to your body. Good options include a soft merino wool, long underwear and spandex
Mid-layer - This is the layer that goes on top of the base layer including that sweaters made of wool, fleece, flannel or polyester
Outer layer - This is the outermost layer which should be a jacket. Waterproof puffy jackets are a great option because they create several layers of a barrier between you and the outside conditions

For tips on keeping your feet warm, experts say go up one or two sizes when looking for boots. Boots should also have a thick sole to give you good separation between your feet and the cold pavement you'll be walking on. Shoe inserts can also help in cold weather as it creates even more of a barrier between your feet and the pavement.

Some experts say double up on socks, but when doing so make sure the base layer closest to your feet is light and thinner than your outer layer of sock which should be of a thicker material. That way warm air can continue circulating within the socks and boots to keep your feet more comfortable.

Experts also suggest mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves because most of the fingers are grouped together and that helps to create a better heat pocket in your hand.

A lot of heat can be lost if the head is not covered so finding a well-fitting hat is better than ear muffs or a headband.

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