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Threats Put Minneapolis, St. Paul Police On High Alert

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Police officers in Minneapolis and St. Paul are on high alert this week after an alleged death threat from a gang.

It reportedly stems from an incident nine days ago, when St. Paul Police shot and killed a drug suspect who rammed their squad cars. Minneapolis Police had asked St. Paul police to pull over the car, driven by 41-year-old Victor Gaddy. He was an alleged gang member with a lengthy police record.

St. Paul City Council member Dan Bostrom, a retired police officer, said these are credible threats coming from several unrelated sources and they shouldn't be dismissed. Bostrom said he found out about the threats to St. Paul and Minneapolis Police after speaking with an off duty officer about the shooting last week.

Bostrom said the officer told him the alleged gang member who was shot and killed, Victor Gaddy, was associated with gangs outside of the Twin Cities. Those gang members have talked about coming to town to retaliate and take out a police officer.

Bostrom said he talked with St. Paul's police chief and was assured they're taking the threat seriously and have officers on high alert.

"As a police officer I know that you get these threats individually from people all of the time, if you stop someone they don't like it, we'll get you we'll get your family.  But when it's a general threat to the entire law enforcement community you have to take that seriously because every single officer now and every single squad car is a target," Bostrom said.

The public information officers for both St. Paul and Minneapolis police departments said they take all threats seriously and are working with multiple law enforcement agencies to identify possible threats. Whether this threat is true or not, officers would have to be a little more wary as they respond to 911 calls.

Sgt. Stephen McCarty with Minneapolis Police said they're very closely watching for fake 911 calls and they're on heightened alert. St. Paul Police wouldn't give specifics, but Council member Bostrom said it's important not only for police to be aware but for the public to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

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