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'They Are Out There Daily': FBI Assisting Minneapolis Police In Crime Response

Originally published Jan. 5, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - It's no secret that Minneapolis Police are understaffed, but they are getting some heavy hitting help. FBI agents are responding to local crimes.

FBI agents were among the law enforcement officers to investigate the recent robbery and shooting of a clerk at the Bryn Mawr Market.

"On the violent crime side they are out there daily," said Special Agent in Charge of the Minneapolis FBI Michael Paul. He added that agents are available 24 hours a day.

"When we do assist, oftentimes we do it quietly. Because we're certainly not looking to take over cases or take the credit for those cases," said Paul.

Paul says agents can go unnoticed because they are often in plain clothes - and they are helping not just Minneapolis but other departments as well.

"We really just try to help the locals because maybe there is a capability or resource they don't have," said Paul.

The FBI pays some of the overtime for local officers.

The assistance is not going unnoticed. In a letter to constituents Minneapolis Council Member Lisa Goodman noted the FBI's help.

At a news conference Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Amelia Huffman says it's an ongoing partnership.

"Our folks collaborate with the FBI on a regular basis," Huffman said, naming the Bryn Mawr Market shooting specifically.

Paul says the agency is not seeking publicity or recognition for fighting local crimes.

"Our employees here live in these communities," said Paul. "We want these communities to be safe not only for the American public but also for our own families."

The robbery of a small store can fall into the FBI's jurisdiction, because it is considered interference with commerce which is a violation of federal law.

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