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'Ms. Pat Is A Character On So Many Levels': Theodore Barnes On BET+'s 'The Ms. Pat Show'

(CBS Local)-- Ms. Pat, aka Patricia Williams, has one of the most incredible stories of any comedian and actor in the entertainment world. The 49-year-old grew up in Atlanta and she had two children by the time she was 15 years old and provided for her family by selling crack cocaine. Ms. Pat ended up getting into comedy after she came out of prison. Today, Ms. Pat is a huge name in the world of comedy and is the star of a new series from BET+ based on her life called "The Ms. Pat Show."

The series is set in Ms. Pat's real life hometown of Plainfield, Indiana and tells the story of how a former convicted felon becomes a suburban mom in conservative America. Ms. Pat is the star of the series and plays a fictionalized version of herself. Actor Theodore Barnes plays Ms. Pat's son Junebug and he recently spoke to CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about the series, which premieres on August 12, what it was like to work with Ms. Pat and starting his acting career at age 11.

"It was great and definitely an awesome opportunity," said Barnes. "When I got the job, I was excited and another blessing came my way. Just like every opportunity, I was ready to tackle it head on. Ms. Pat is a character on so many levels. She really is her own person. She is all-around fun and loving and she is about business."

Barnes says he likes to bring a little bit of himself to each character and he was able to do that with Junebug. In fact, the actor believes that this character is the closest to who he actually is in real life. "The Ms. Pat Show" is streaming now on BET+ and Barnes can't wait until fans fall in love with the Carson family.

"I definitely wanted to bring that real teenage feel. In the show, coming from Atlanta to anywhere else would be a change of pace," said Barnes. "Atlanta is a whole different place in itself. It's a blessing and if you are true to your self, you will love this."

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