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The Travel Bug Bites Again As COVID-19 Restrictions Loosen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As stay-at-home orders are lifted across the country, summer travelers seem ready to make plans.

We asked a travel agent about the trends she's seeing and we heard from you about where you're headed.

Since March, Sandy Lovick, the CEO of Travel Leaders/Market Square Travel has been buried in cancelations or re-bookings.

"What we've been doing, is undoing," Lovick said.

But, from what she has seen the travel bug has bitten again.

"We've already seen an uptick from people we want to go, where can we go. That's what we've been working on," Lovick said.

Lovick says domestic travel tops the list right now. Destinations like Florida and California are picking up in popularity.

"The other thing we're finding huge domestically are the national parks and you can easily combine national parks," Lovick said.

On Facebook, we asked for your plans.

Mary says "My summer travels have already started. Miami Beach."

Christina is taking a "Road trip to Wyoming. Exploring the great outdoors!"

But, as COVID cases still climb, many admit they're not ready to go anywhere just yet.

Sharon says "My house."

Brenda agrees "My back yard!! Not going anywhere while the virus rages."

And, most who weighed in felt much more comfortable in a car than they would on an airplane. Though, Lovick says travelers should feel good about all of the safety measures airlines and resorts are taking.

"Hotels are going to the extremes to make sure people are comfortable. Their businesses, their livelihoods depend on it," Lovick said.

Just as much as some people's sanity is resting on a little time away.

"As much as everyone loves home they're really looking forward to a little distance from home," Lovick said.

Internationally, Lovick told us trips to Mexico and the Caribbean are picking up again for the summer and some cruise lines are now offering 110%refunds on future cruises in an attempt to lure travelers back.


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