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Chanhassen City Council Grants 12-Day Permit To Paisley Park Museum

CHANHASSEN, Minn. (WCCO) -- The Chanhassen City Council voted Monday night to grant Prince's Paisley Park a temporary 12-day permit to operate as a museum.

The permit will let council members study traffic and the impact of crowds.

The council will then meet again to decide whether Paisley Park can become a permanent museum.

Chanhassen City Council's work session about the Paisley Park museum lasted close to an hour.

During that time there was discussion about traffic flow, parking and signage, all efforts to keep the area surrounding Prince's home safe.

Members of the Paisley Park team were also on hand. All agreed that busing fans to Paisley Park is necessary until a permanent parking site can be built.

Both sides also agreed the fence surrounding the property should remain free of memorials. A virtual memorial of everything that was placed there is now part of the tour.

That work session led to the resolution to allow Paisley Park to offer tours to fans to be placed on the council's agenda.

Instead of rezoning everything and moving forward, the council decided it needed more time to study the traffic patterns and watch what happens at Paisley Park before making the museum permanent.

"My biggest concern after what I saw on Saturday is I think that there needs to be more understanding of the traffic impact, whether it's buses coming down Park Road, coming off of 5," councilwoman Elise Ryan said.

It was decided to give Paisley Park Facilities LLC 12 temporary days to operate. Then on Oct. 24, the council will decide if a museum celebrating the life and music of Prince will stand in the city of Chanhassen.

Paislely Park Facilities LLC will decide what 12 days they will operate temporarily between now and Oct. 24. The Chanhassen City Council will be watching closely. They want to make sure the operation of the museum does not impact the lives of Chanhassen residents or cause any danger or harm to Prince fans who come.

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