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Talks Between Allina, Nurses Break Down; Another Strike Possible

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Another nurses' strike may be in store for the Twin Cities after talks between the nurses union and Allina Health recently broke down.

Dr. Penny Wheeler, the CEO of Allina Health, says her company has been working on getting the nurses a better deal since their strike in June.

"I think we have an excellent proposal, a compromise one, that's on the table," she said. "We believe that nurses should accept our proposal."

Wheeler says Allina Health spent $20 million to staff hospitals with replacement nurses during the 7-day strike earlier this year.

Angie Becchetti, with the Minnesota Nurses Association, says Allina would save more money by giving the nurses what they want.

"They spent $20 million, but they say they just want to save $10 million on our insurance," she said. "They shouldn't put a price on keeping their nurses and all their coworkers safe by letting us keep our benefits."

The nurses' union is asking nurses to vote on an open-ended strike later this month.

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