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Talking Points: Ongoing war between Israel-Hamas divides American voters

Minnesota Muslim leaders leading "abandon President Biden" movement
Minnesota Muslim leaders leading "abandon President Biden" movement 04:00

MINNEAPOLIS — With the first Presidential caucus just a month away, the war between Israel and Hamas is threatening to divide American voters.

Minnesota Muslim leaders are amongst those leading an "abandon Biden movement" nationwide in key states including Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"So many Muslims voted for Biden, and the war in Gaza has reached a level where it is now embarrassing, not just to Muslims, but embarrassing to our nation," said Jaylani Hussein, a National Abandon Biden Committee member.

Why does this matter? A CBS News poll found Muslim groups are not alone: that support for the President's handling of the war has dropped from 44% to just 39% in two months. 

Polls show every vote will matter next November. In an average of all recent polls by RealClearPolitics, former President Trump sits just 2 points ahead of President Biden. 

Talking Points: Ongoing war between Israel-Hamas divides American voters (part 1) 04:55

But local Jewish groups say feelings in the Jewish community have never been higher for support of Israel and that will translate into votes.

"There's great energy and support of Israel, and often with the American Jewish community, it will translate into people voting people participating in campaigns." said Steve Hunegs the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC).

But who will the anti-Biden Muslim voters support? Hussein says it won't be Trump.

"The abandoned Biden movement is very particular about that we are not voting for President Trump," said Hussein. "We are going to vote for a candidate that is yet to be determined. That process is ongoing right now."

Political analyst Larry Jacobs, politics professor at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs, predicts potential disaster for Democrats.

"It is drawing away voters who would normally vote for the Democratic Party. So women, people of color, youth, hate the war. It's just more and more bad news for Joe Biden," said Jacobs.

Talking Points: Ongoing war between Israel-Hamas divides American voters (part 2) 09:56

Political insiders Amy Koch, a former State Senator and Republican strategist and Abou Amara, a Democratic strategist, weighed in on the political fallout.

"President Biden, he's been very strong and supportive Israel, he's been really unflinching in that," said Koch. "But that is stirring up a lot of folks that were traditional Democrat voters, saying, 'we no longer support Joe Biden. We're looking at other options. We're searching for other candidates."

Amara believes the Biden Administration needs to directly engage voters in Michigan, Minnesota, and across the country ahead of Election Day. 

Talking Points: Ongoing war between Israel-Hamas divides American voters (part 3) 06:41

"We have to stay unified. Because if we don't, ultimately, that might be the reason if enough, folks don't turn out that Donald Trump is reelected," said Amara.

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