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Talking Points: Emmer Not Looking To Stray From GOP Mainstream

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- One election result that has not gotten a lot of attention in the last week is Tom Emmer's convincing win in the 6th Congressional District.

Emmer is replacing one of the most high profile members in all of Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Emmer's easy win makes the former radio talk show host and state representative one of the most high profile Republican elected officials in the state. Emmer coasted to a nearly 20 point win in his bid to replace Bachmann.

As a Tea Party darling, Bachmann has become a nationally known figure, but she has often clashed with national and state party leaders.

One recent example was when Republicans in Congress overwhelmingly backed military strikes against ISIS, and Bachmann voted against the strikes.

Emmer, who was known for his fiery rhetoric in the state Legislature, is promising a more mainstream Republican approach.

"The ultimate goal for me is to make sure Republicans, at least on our side, start to understand you only can govern if you win elections, and you are only going to win elections if you start firing in the same direction," he said. "We have a funny way of building circular firing squads and shooting inwards."

For Emmer, the big win is especially gratifying. Four years ago. his loss to Mark Dayton in the governor's race was so narrow there was a recount, and Emmer didn't concede until a month after the election.

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