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Tale of two stores: Retailers prepare for spring snow storm

Minnesota stores prepare for spring snow storm
Minnesota stores prepare for spring snow storm 01:44

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota retailers have tried to adjust to the wintry spring and some of them at ready to move on - but others want the snow to linger.

At Beisswenger's Hardware in New Brighton, they have four snowthrowers and about 400 lawnmowers.

"It's just been insane and it started so abruptly too," Mark Armstead said.

But the winter is not ended abruptly - its been going on and on and on. The result? A tale of two seasons, out of sync.

"Who knows where this storm is going to take us but we do have a little bit available for folks," Armstead said.

Sitting next to buckets of ice melt are endless bags of fertilizer. There are deals to be had; sleds are 50% off and the latest and trendiest in snow removal - a snow pusher with wheels - is discounted too.

"Pushers have become more popular because most of the snowfalls people have gotten out there right away and they are able to push the snow much like a plow does off to the side," Armstead said.

Then there are outdoor recreation stores like Finn Sisu in Lauderdale, opened by Ahvo Taipale back in 1978.

At Finn Sisu, they welcome an extension of winter, hoping the snow totals translate to snowy trails for as long as possible.

"We don't complain, we in the ski business," Taipale said about the expected snow.

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