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Survey: Grilled Cheese Most Popular Sandwich Among Americans

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A new survey found grilled cheese is the most popular sandwich among Americans.

The study, performed by YouGov. com, shows a whopping 79% of those surveyed prefer a grilled cheese, while turkey sandwiches and grilled chicken sandwiches tied for second at 75%.

Roast beef sandwiches came in fourth at 71% and BLT and ham sandwiches tied for fifth at 69%.

The study also found that the type of sandwiches preferred by Americans varied by region. Those from the South liked grilled cheese more than the national average -- 82% of them. The Northeast voted for the lobster roll and meatball sub; Westerners were keen to the French dip and Midwesterners mostly fell in line with the national averages.

The survey said people from the Midwest were also the least likely to have tried lobster rolls, crab cakes, cheese and tomato and Cuban sandwiches.

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