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Supervalu: Hackers Accessed Network That Processes Card Payments

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Another Minnesota-based company is trying to figure out how it fell victim to hackers.

Supervalu, which owns Cub Foods stores across Minnesota, said hackers accessed a part of its computer network that processes payment card transactions.

About 180 Supervalu stores nationwide, many of them Cub Foods stores, were breached. But Supervalu says so far there is no evidence that any card data has been misused.

If customers paid with a debit or credit card between June 22 and July 17, their information may have been exposed to hackers.

In Minnesota, about 60 Cub Foods and liquor stores were exposed. How exactly the breach happened remains under investigation.

Supervalu said once it identified the problem it took immediate steps to secure the network.

"I think it's important for customers to know at this time that the company has no evidence of any of the misuse of any of the card data," said Supervalu spokesman Jeff Swanson.

Even so, Swanson said Supervalu is notifying shoppers "out of an abundance of caution."

"Right now we believe the intrusion has been contained and customers can safely use their credit and debit cards in our stores," Swanson said.

For shoppers it's a reminder of the aggressiveness of cyberthieves.

Minneapolis-based Target experienced a breach during last year's holiday shopping season that exposed the data of millions of customers.

"I don't usually use a card here," said customer Dava Illig. "I try not to put my groceries on a credit card."

But Cub customers we talked with said they weren't overly concerned.

Shopper Cherie Young said she's comfortable with how businesses and banks are addressing the issue.

"When it comes to credit cards, I don't feel prone to being as vulnerable with our accounts. But if it was checks, I'd be a lot more concerned," Young said.

While Supervalu now believes its network is secure, it's encouraging customers to take a look at their bank accounts.

For any questions there's a Q and A about the breach on the at, which includes ways in which Supervalu is helping.

The company will also have a call center, beginning Monday, to answer questions. The number to call is (855) 731-6018


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