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1 Day Away, Super Bowl Excitement Peaks Across Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We're in the middle of Super Bowl weekend and the excitement is mounting.

It's hard to believe after all of the years and months of counting down, the Super Bowl is now just one day away.

We've seen so much of the excitement downtown this week but there are still events all over the city.

It's hard to miss the Super Bowl excitement in the Twin Cities.

From big banners in Bloomington to special donuts on Eat Street.

Glam Doll Donuts' Super Bowl treats
(credit: CBS)

"We made donuts shaped like jerseys, footballs and helmets and then piped the insignias on top," Glam Doll Donuts co-owner Arwyn Birch said.

Glam Doll donuts is serving up special Super Bowl LII-themed sweets all weekend

"It's pretty cute because we can barely finish doing them on the tray," co-owner Teresa Fox said.

Mall of America was a busy place for fans hoping to catch a famous face.

"I can't believe Tom Brady is here in Minneapolis," Carter Will said.

"We actually just met Nick Foles' dad. Yes, he actually stopped by the table and introduced himself," Eagles fan Marilyn Whitelock said.

Whitelock had her nails done to show her pride when she goes to her first Super Bowl on Sunday.

"I'm so excited and plus I turn 60 this year," she said.

For people east of the river, the Saint Paul Ice Palace was the perfect place to show off some of Minnesota's beauty in the cold.

"It's nice that there is something else going on other than Minneapolis, it kind of spreads out the crowd a little bit," Meghan Carda of Minneapolis said.

So no matter what team you root for, even if the Vikings aren't playing in the Super Bowl, you get one more day of eating up the excitement of football's biggest night in Minnesota.

If you do want to check out the Super Bowl Live events in Nicollet Mall that have been going on all week, Sunday is your last day. It's open from noon to 3.


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