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St. Paul Man Looking For Good Samaritans Who Turned In Lost Work Wages

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- A St. Paul man who lost more than $1,000 is looking for the people who returned all of it to him.

Justin Lovinella had his business earnings for the day in a deposit envelope. He accidentally left all of that cash on the hood of his car while shopping at Costco in Maplewood last week.

The sometimes distracted dad admits he has a lot on his plate most days, but he usually keeps it together even around the holidays. As Lovinella unloaded his son, Vince, from the car, he placed the envelope full of money on the hood of his car and forgot about it as he went inside to shop for about one hour.

"It has my deposits for a whole week's worth of work," Lovinella said.

It wasn't until he returned to the car that Lovinella noticed the envelope was gone.

The note was signed from a couple named Kathryn and Larry.

"It said they grabbed it, waited for 30 minutes but couldn't wait any longer so they brought it into Costco and left it with customer service," Lovinella said.

Lovinella said the note ended with "Merry Christmas, Kathryn and Larry."

What this couple did when no one was watching saved Lovinella $1,300.

"We say do to others as you want done to you," Lovinella said.

The cash came from his day job as a men's hair stylist. Lovinella said he would love to thank the couple who helped him out.

"I don't do women's hair but if they come through I will give Larry a year's worth of free haircuts," Lovinella said.

Justin says Kathryn and Larry even counted the money before leaving it inside Costco with customer service, just to be safe.

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