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St. Paul Man Charged In Plot To Kill Ex-Wife

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A St. Paul man with a history of domestic violence is accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife and several others.

Michael J. Mangan, 42, put together a "hit list" of people he believed had wronged him, drew diagrams of buildings, and carried a loaded gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his car, authorities said.

Mangan was motivated by a bitter divorce, according to a criminal complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court. He faces four counts of aggravated stalking and three counts of terroristic threats.

St. Paul police called Mangan on Oct. 3 to talk about an incident in which three of his ex-wife's car tires were flattened, the Star Tribune reported.

"I have much bigger plans in place," he yelled, according to the complaint. "God help any police officer who knocks on my door."

Mangan was arrested on Oct. 4 during a traffic stop. Police found a loaded gun, "hundreds of rounds of ammunition," a boot knife and a gun-cleaning kit. A search of his home yielded sealed letters addressed to 11 addresses or groups of addresses. Mangan's girlfriend told police he had instructed her to send the letters once he was "gone," the charges said.

One letter said, "I still have a special surprise for you and yours," KMSP-TV reported.

The complaint said Mangan had sketches of his ex-wife's apartment building, place of employment and a friend's house and told his brother-in-law he planned to go to those places and kill the people inside and any officers who tried to stop him.

According to the complaint, Mangan's sister and brother-in-law went to police because they feared him.

St. Paul police stationed themselves in Mangan's neighborhood on Oct. 3 and observed his girlfriend scouting the area, the charges said. Officers returned the next day and saw the girlfriend leave, apparently dressed as a man, the charges allege.

Mangan soon exited his home and drove away. He was stopped and arrested.

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