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St. Paul Demolishing The Dangerous & Quirky Neighborhood 'Art Park'

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- There's a tiny little park in St. Paul that the neighbors seem to like.

The problem is the city just found out about it.

Now the so-called Peoples' Art Park on Wells Street will be demolished as the city said some of the walls and sculptures are dangerous.

The concrete steps are not built to code, and the little park was built on city land without permission.

Arjo Adams lives next to it, and said he started decorating it 14 years ago with things he found for free, and things other people donated.

"Anybody is welcome to put up their art here," he said. "Some people are starting to. People have been painting and doing folk art and stuff, and I think that's great."

But the city does not want anyone on the property, calling it dangerous.

"We're talking about huge metal materials hanging from trees," said Brad Meyer from St. Paul Parks Department.

In May, a school field trip to a city park turned tragic, when loose wet soil collapsed on children.

The city has closed that property. City officials said they will listen to neighbors about preserving some of the sculpture, but not on this site.

The city said the park was discovered when inspectors were called to Adams' house for electrical and other issues.

St. Paul will convert the lot to green space, because it's next to a nature area.

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