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St. Paul Church Holds Alternative To Black Friday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – While many will hit the malls shopping Friday, there's a group in St. Paul spending it at church.

Those looking to avoid long lines and shopper meltdowns flipped the Black Friday script and held a service at Unity Church-Unitarian.

It was a morning of singing, moving and grooving, instead of spending.

A St. Paul congregation found a little light on this Black Friday.

On the biggest shopping day of the year, they have gathered to go against the grain, looking out and up, instead of in.

"Today is the feast day of consumption, so we are feeding the spirit on the feast day of consumption," Bill Doherty said.

It's a non-denominational service led by speakers from the community.

"They speak from their heart about renewal, about entering this season with some spiritual sense," Doherty said.

"This is a chance to be together with family, friends, church, community and experience Thanksgiving in a different way," Kathleen Rolenz said. "To put the focus on the things that we value…instead of shopping and buying all day."

"We always have a great musical group and people dance and have a good time," Doherty said.

Local band "Light of the Moon" has been moving the congregation on this day for six years.

"We think of ourselves as community musicians," Nick Jordan, of the band Light the Moon, said. "We are very conscious of bringing out music into community. Nothing makes us happier than when people start moving."

This is the sixth year Unity Church-Unitarian has held Black Friday at Church.

They are located on Portland Avenue and North Grotto Street in St. Paul.

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