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Protesters, Castile Family Upset That St. Anthony Officer Back On The Job

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The family of Philando Castile says they are upset that the officer who shot and killed their loved one is back on the job.

Castile was killed during a traffic stop in July. The officer responsible, Jeronimo Yanez, returned to work Wednesday.

Sign-carrying demonstrators blocked the street in front of the St. Anthony Police Department in protest of Janez's return to work.

"I am a little disgusted I think its disrespectful, disrespectful to the uniform, disrespectful to the family," Philando's uncle Clarence Castile said.

The family of Philando Castile says the wait for justice for Philando got that much harder.

"He gets a chance to go back to work and my son will not get that chance, to go back to work," Philando's mother Valerie Castile said. "My son was a humanitarian. He cared about people and he loved his job. He'll never get a chance to go back to work, but [Yanez] will, and I think that's disgusting."

Valerie and her brothers Clarence, Tracy and Greg all feel Yanez should not be allowed back at work.

"We just simply don't believe that he should put on that uniform at such an early stage, when there have been no decisions made on what's going to happen to him," Clarence Castile said.

"It's another slap in the face. It's directly saying, 'It's business back as usual. We're going right back to what we been doing,'" Greg Castile said.

The Castiles say Yanez's return to work not only sends the wrong signal to them, but to a community that is rallying for justice.

"At this point you're almost giving the impression that nothing is going to happen, that there is not going to be any justice. That's the way we're feeling right now," said Valerie Castile.

Protesters stood in front of the St. Anthony police department demanding Yanez to be fired and prosecuted for what they say is murder.

"They need to be that's what they do their voices need to be heard as well," said Valerie Castile.

The family supports the protesters and even joined them as they spoke with officers about their concerns.

"When the millions of people that saw Diamond Reynolds' video on Facebook, and when they saw that and saw Philando die, a part of them died too. So a part of millions of people died right along with Philando," Clarence Castile said.

This family hopes that which binds protesters and family continues until Justice is served.

St. Anthony's police chief was not at work Friday and could not be reached for comment. He has stated his support for officer Janez publically, the family disagrees with his stance.

The Castile's say they are looking forward to Sunday when Central High School will hold a fundraiser in hopes of establishing a scholarship in Philando's honor.

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