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South Mpls. Scarecrows Found, Returned To Garden

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Two iconic scarecrows that went missing in south Minneapolis have been found and restored to their proper positions.

Barb Balcom's community garden at the corner of Lyndale Avenue and 46th Street has long featured two seasonably dressed scarecrows. But this year, they went missing.

"I always check out the scarecrows just to be sure they're happy, and they weren't there, and I couldn't believe it," she told Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield on Wednesday. "They've been there for 20-plus years and no one's ever bothered them."

Balcom said she did not file a police report, but rather hoped someone would stumble upon them and return them. On Thursday, Balcom said that her hopes were fulfilled.

Balcom said that she believed some kids took them and laid them out at a nearby school, where a janitor found them and, at first, believed they were two dead bodies. The janitor realized they were just scarecrows and placed them in the dumpster, Balcom said.

After the publicity of the scarecrows' disappearance, though, he realized that they were the ones that had been stolen and returned them to their proper place.

"I need to go back today and spiff them up a bit since they are now even more famous," Balcom said.

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