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South Minneapolis Bakery Apologizes After Accusation Of Discrimination Over Hijab Mask

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A south Minneapolis bakery is apologizing after a customer wearing a face-covering hijab posted a video showing a worker refusing to serve her for not wearing the proper face mask.

Zahur Abdiaziz posted the video to her Facebook page on Monday, saying she was discriminated against at Marissa's Bakery on Eat Street.

"This lady refused to sell me bakery because I am not wearing the same mask as her!" she wrote. "This Type of Racism is called the Corona Type!"

In the 30-second video, the worker appears to refuse to serve Abdiaziz, saying that the ownership does not accept hijab face covering as facemasks. The worker walks away as Abdiaziz says: "So you're not going to sell me bread?"

The bakery responded with a Facebook post Wednesday to what it called a "racial incident," saying that it failed to provide face masks to all customers.

In another post Thursday, the bakery apologized for what happened, telling Abdiaziz directly that she did not deserve how she was treated.

"We are deeply saddened that one of our employees would address someone in that manner and refuse service," the bakery wrote. "At this store we do not tolerate any form of discrimination to our Muslim brothers and sisters."

The bakery says it is addressing the issue and how to move forward. The bakery did not say if the employee had been disciplined.

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