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Some May Suffer From Post-Election Depression

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Once the election results are in, you might find yourself very happy or very disappointed, depending on the outcome.

It may be difficult to mask how you are feeling when you are around your co-workers or people with whom you'd rather not talk politics.

Dr. Linda Reiss, a psychologist in Minneapolis, said there will likely be some people who will experience a bit of post-election depression. In some cases, it extends beyond disappointment over the election results.

Anger over a candidate or an issue winning or losing can subconsciously trigger other emotions that have been buried, some deep disappointment that occurred when we were much younger or even when we were children. The day after the election can remind us of how we felt at other times in our lives when we felt those close to us where not making rational decisions.

So come Wednesday, or whenever we know the official outcome of all the races, some people will be struggling emotionally. Experts recommend that you be aware of that and be respectful.

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