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'Slow Down, Be Safe': Minnesotans Prepare For First Big Snowfall Of The Season

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Snow in Mankato started falling around 10 a.m. Friday, and remained steady much of the day.

"It's wet. It's heavy. It's a heavy, wet snow," said Tom Chaves while shoveling in St. Peter.

It's how he is describing the first major winter storm of the season. For him, the snow is a welcome sight.

"I love this. I got my snow blower-tractor in the back. When it really gets bad tonight I'll ride that. It's nice and warm in there and I'll drive all night long," said Chaves.

Across Highway 169 in downtown St. Peter, Arrow Hardware and Paint is seeing a slower day after a busy week.

"Yesterday I was out delivering snow blowers for the store. Three different snow blowers, we sold six this week," said Jack Killian from the hardware store.

Because of the timing of the storm going right into the weekend, people were out running their last errand, and grocery stores were bustling. Some people said they were going to stay in all weekend.

"We're going to go and hibernate," said Bonnie Berndt of Eden Prairie.

At least kids are home to help with snow removal.

School in St. Peter, Mankato and pretty much throughout the area was canceled in anticipation of the coming snow storm.

At a gas station, truckers were relaxing before getting back on the road. It was their calm before the storm.

"Slow down, be safe. There's nothing worth going in the ditch and getting in a wreck for. It's just not worth it," said truck driver Keyes Burgess.

"Slippery conditions. Drive careful, drive defensively. Slow down the speed. Very important for your own safety," said added truck driver James Schmidt.

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